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Mr. Speed's Painting Tools
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Our tools are proudly made in the U.S.A. and assembled in Texas. We specialize in three specific products (listed below) that assist in the application of paint and stains to doors, shutters, shelves, and cabinet doors. They are great tools for anyone interested in saving time, money, space, and producing a higher quality of finish that sets their work apart.
Cabinet Deckers | Mr. Speed's Painting Tools

Cabinet Deckers

* Provides a system of painting/staining both sides and edges of a cabinet door at the same time.
* The horizontal positioning of the cabinet door as it is finished allows the application of a heavier mil thickness without runs or sags.
* Allows the applicator to finish cabinet doors at a comfortable working level without stooping or bending.
* Saves space by allowing the finished cabinet doors to be stacked to dry.
Ideal for shutters, shelves and bi-folds.

On Edge Drying Adapters | Mr. Speed's Painting Tools

On Edge Drying Adapters

* To be used in conjunction with the Door Decker door painting system.
* Allows for the option of on-edge drying which helps prevent possible warping of hollow wood doors.
* Saves space by allowing the finished doors to be hung to dry.

Speed Drying Rack | Mr. Speed's Painting Tools

Speed Drying Racks

* The Speed Drying Racks offer tool versatility.
* They are a perfect drying rack for painting and staining projects as well as being compact for storage and transport.
* The width and lengths can be adjusted for all sizes of drying projects and storage of materials.

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