On Edge Drying Adapters Painting system

Provides a door painting system, enabling painting both sides and edges of a door at the same time.

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The Basics

On Edge Drying Adapters

- Door Deckers provide a stable and efficient door painting system, enabling both sides and edges of a door to be painted consecutively

- The horizontal positioning of the door allows for the application of a heavier mil thickness without causing unsightly runs or sags when finishing.

- The Door Decker system allows the applicator to comfortably finish doors at an ergonomic working level without having to stoop or bend.

- This door-stacking system saves valuable workspace by allowing the finished doors to be stacked over one another while drying

- Door Deckers are ideal for holding hollow or solid wood doors, hollow metal doors, shutters and shelves for finishing or drying.

Door Decker being screwed into a door.
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The Details

On Edge Drying Adapters

Our simple-to-use door stacking systems, also known as Door Deckers, consist of two steel plates with attached handles. Every Door Decker is made to be attached to the door securely with a #8 x 1 ¼ inch Phillips wafer head screw before the process of applying any paint or stain begins. Each pair of Door Deckers is designed to be used on one door at a time. For heavier doors, shutters, or shelves we recommend using two pairs of Door Deckers for sturdier door stacking and extra stability. See our instructions (link here) and well as some tips and tricks below for more technical information.

After the Door Decker system is attached to the door, it can be positioned horizontally for easy finishing. When painting, the recommended application method is to spray, or finish, the first side of the door. Two people are required to properly turn the door over by positioning themselves on opposite sides from one another to use the Door Decker handles then rotating. The second side of the door can be finished once it is face-up. When both sides of the door have been painted, and using two people again, move the door to the drying location. After repeating the process for each door, you can use the handles as an interlocking door stacking system to save work space. The handles will be balanced throughout the drying process to stabilize each door. The final product will not have any runs in the paint because of the horizontal stacking for drying. The distance between doors created by our door stacking system allows for optimal drying space with minimal drying time.

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