Our tools are designed and built by painting contractors (Speed Painting Family) and in our world, time IS money. At Mr. Speed's Painting Tools we offer tools that will help you do just that - save time and money. Whether painting doors, shelves, shutters or cabinet doors, you will get a high quality of finish, every time.
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How to use Door stackers
Our simple-to-use door stacking systems, also known as Door Deckers, consist of two steel plates with attached handles. Every Door Decker is made to be attached to the door securely with a #8 x 1 ¼ inch Phillips wafer head screw before the process of applying any paint or stain begins. Each pair of Door Deckers is designed to be used on one door at a time
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Know About Us

Richard Speed, founder of Speed Painting Tools Inc. , established a paint contracting company based in Amarillo, Texas in 1979. During the course of his painting endeavors he discovered a need for specific equipment that was not commercially available for painting doors - and so Richard designed his first, albeit rudimentary product to assist in his own painting business. This was the birth of the Door Decker finishing system.

We sell our products throughout the United States and over 13+ years have added Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands to our sales locations.

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"I was completely impressed across the board! Ordered on a Wednesday, received the package on Saturday, just in time for the job. The system works exactly as advertised and resulted in a beautiful finish in half the time. Highly recommend."
R Knowles
"The inter-locking Door Deckers from Mr. Speed's Painting work perfectly! What a great idea and design! I highly recommend the Door Deckers!"
Johnson County CemDry-Carpet Cleaner
"Need one more testimonial"
J Doe
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