"I love my door deckers!! Literally took 1hr to spray them. Thanks Speed Painting Inc for making a great product! Every professional painter needs to use these!! A true quality product. Long lasting and so easy to use." Mel L.
"I am VERY impressed with Speed Painting - their products and their customer service. I placed an order for Door Deckers and on edge drying adapters. The day after they shipped my order they realized they had made an error and shipped Cabinet Door Deckers instead of the on edge drying adapters. They contacted me immediately and told me they shipped the correct items and that I should keep the wrong shipment. I was shocked because the Cabinet Door Deckers far exceed the cost of the on edge drying adapters. I offered to ship them back but they refused again and told me to keep them.

All three products are fabulous and are a definite help and asset to my business. They help me to be more efficient with my time and space and I am able to give my customers the best professional look around." Moses Adesanya
"Just wanted to let you know that I have been using your product since made available to Hirshfields years ago. I'm a painting contractor using deckers onsite for remodels, new construction and even repaints and exterior items. When they gum up I just soak them in a bucket of gun cleaner and brand new again!"
Justin Krohn
"I have just recently purchased the Door Decker Finishing System and once again I am totally impressed. What an incredible product. We do a lot of spray stain and lacquer of solid core hardwood doors and the DDFS allows us to efficiently and effectively provide the highest quality product (stack doors in a small space and provide an incredible furniture like finish on all sides at once). 10 years ago I purchased the Cabinet Door Deckers and the Portable Speed Rack and they are still used on a regular basis. This is excellent quality equipment that saves me money and increases the quality of our work. I sincerely recommend any of the Speed Painting, Inc. products." Chip Hansen
"In the time we have sold Door Deckers, we have received nothing but positive reviews. We recommend Door Deckers for any job big or small." Tony Schuler
"If you are doing major painting you need at least 10 pairs we at Vacation Home Services use these all the time, if you don't have some of these you are wasting time and space!"

Thanks for all that you do for us. Will be sending a blog to you today!" Tim Rosseisen
"I have had my first set of Door Deckers for the last 10 years. The idea is simple, yet so very effective. Small jobs, large ones. Stain, paint, or varnish... The Principle is the same. Bottom line, I achieve a superior finsh, am more professional and organized, plus have a competitive advantage over the competition. We have always striven to be the best for our customers and with the help of Speed Painting, Inc. and Door Deckers we also look smarter for them as well." Stanley Bolibruch
"Love the Door Deckers. Had an opportunity to use them on 6 solid core doors." Helen Smith

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