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Mr. Speed's Painting Tools offers paint tools designed and manufactured BY painters and our team is here to help. Original creaters of the Door Decker Finishing System, Mr. Speed's Painting Tools is proud to sell door painting systems worldwide, with some help from our friends over at The Paint Shack. For specific information on shipping and pricing, please visit our shipping page.
Please explore our website and contact us if we can be of any service guiding you through which products you might need and how they can best serve your painting and staining needs.
With more than 35 years working in the painting and construction industry in Amarillo, Texas, we know the need for high quality, durable tools. We designed our Door Decker and Cabinet Door Decker finishing and drying systems to help you achieve a high quality finish and a competitive edge every time!
You can purchase Mr. Speed's Painting Tools here OR ask your local paint store to order these handy tools for you!

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Door Deckers

How the Original Advanced Door Painting System works!
Visite nuestra tienda por internet en español para su conveniencia.

Painting Tools With Speed in Mind

Door Deckers 
Door Finishing System
Cabinet Door Deckers 
Door Finishing System
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Door Finishing System

Dustin Speed - Owner

I believe that we offer the perfect door painting tool for painting contractors and handymen!

Our innovative tool is a Door Finishing System called Door Deckers. It allows anyone who paints doors to save time and space and produce a higher quality of finish on the door. It’s like having an extra set of skilled crew members!

The Door Decker approach allows for both sides of the door to be painted horizontally and in rapid succession.  Our system also helps keep runs and sags in the paint from forming. The Door Deckers unique design allows doors to be stacked up and out of the way for drying - perfect for saving space on a job site.

We Can Help Save You Money

How Mr. Speed's Painting Tools Can Help You Save Money

In our world, time IS money. The most important money savings that our tools provide is TIME! Whether painting doors, shelves, shutters or cabinet doors, you paint each side in rapid succession and stack them out of the way to dry. The generous space provided between each piece also allows for the paint to gas-off more quickly and dry very quickly.

In addition to time savings, the quality of the finish of the horizontal drying process means less paint and stain on the doors to achieve desired results. This method of drying basically eliminates the runs and sags in the paint that you can get when drying vertically. Less paint = Money saved!

These products only require TWO people when flipping the doors and moving them to stack to use them out of the way. Having less people to complete the job creates definite cost savings!

Durable - these tough steel & brass tools don't wear out quickly, creating a significant savings in costly tool purchases!


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