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Advanced Door Painting Systems

Our tools are designed and built by painting contractors (Speed Painting Family) and in our world, time IS money.
At Mr. Speed's Painting Tools we offer tools that will help you do just that - save time and money.
Whether painting doors, shelves, shutters or cabinet doors, you will get a high quality of finish, every time.


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We also have a website in Spanish to further assist our customer with all your paint tool needs.

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Welcome From The Speeds

"Finish 'Em Flat"

Mr. Speed's Painting Tools offers paint tools designed and manufactured BY painters and our team is here to help. Original creators of the Door Decker Finishing System, Mr. Speed's Painting Tools is proud to sell door painting systems worldwide, with some help from our friends over at The Paint Shack. For specific information on shipping and pricing, please visit our shipping page. Please explore our website and contact us if we can be of any service guiding you through which products you might need and how they can best serve your painting and staining needs. With more than 35 years working in the painting and construction industry in Amarillo, Texas, we know the need for high quality, durable tools. We designed our Door Decker and Cabinet Door Decker finishing and drying systems to help you achieve a high quality finish and a competitive edge every time! You can purchase Mr. Speed's Painting Tools here OR ask your local paint store to order these handy tools for you!

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How Our Door Deckers Work

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Door Stackers Near You!

Use the map to find Mr. Speeds Painting Tools distributor locations near you.

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Painting Tools With Speed in Mind

Door Deckers

Door Decker | Mr.Speed's Painting ToolsDoor Deckers

Cabinet Door Deckers

Cabinet Door Deckers | Mr.Speed's Painting ToolsCabinet Door Deckers

On-Edge Drying Adapters

On-Edge Drying Adapters | Mr.Speed's Painting Tools
On-Edge Drying Adapters

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