Door Painting System

Door Painting System

Mr. Speed's Door Painting System, known for its flagship product, the Door Decker finishing system, has revolutionized the painting industry since its introduction in 2002. Founded by Richard Speed, the company has established itself as a leader in providing innovative and efficient tools for professional painters.

Origins and Innovation: The Door Decker was born out of Richard Speed's experience as the founder of a paint contracting business in Amarillo, Texas, established in 1979. During the growth of his painting business, Richard identified a critical need for specialized equipment for painting doors efficiently. Recognizing the absence of commercially available tools, he embarked on designing a product to address this gap. This marked the inception of the Door Decker finishing system, a groundbreaking solution tailored for door painting.

Company Foundation: In 1998, Richard, along with his wife Mary and son Dustin, officially founded "Speed Painting, Inc." The company aimed to offer professional-grade equipment that was not only innovative but also affordable and built with durable construction. Their vision was to provide tools that could significantly enhance efficiency and deliver high-quality finishes for professional painters.

Expansion and Product Line: Since the introduction of the Door Decker, Speed Painting, Inc. has expanded its product line to include various tools dedicated to cabinet door painting and staining. These additions complement the Door Decker, creating a comprehensive Door Painting System that caters to the specific needs of professional painters. The company's commitment to meeting the evolving demands of the industry is evident in its continuous product development and expansion.

International Reach: Speed Painting, Inc. has achieved remarkable success, with products being sold throughout the United States for over two decades. In recognition of its quality and innovation, the company expanded its reach beyond North America to international markets, including Canada, the United Kingdom, and various other European countries. In 2018, the collaboration with THE PAINT SHACK in the UK further solidified the company's global presence, establishing a network of distributors to serve customers outside of North America.

Leadership Transition: With the company's growth and evolution, Dustin, Richard's son, has assumed the role of CEO. His leadership has propelled Speed Painting, Inc. into new heights, ensuring the continuation of the family's commitment to innovation and excellence. The involvement of Chrystene, Dustin's wife, as the customer service specialist, emphasizes the family-oriented approach to business, fostering a culture of personalized service and customer satisfaction.

Mission and Vision: The mission of Speed Painting, Inc. is clear and focused: to provide quality tools that help create efficient and superior outcomes for painters aiming for professional results. The company envisions itself as a leading manufacturer and marketer of tools that offer customer-valued solutions, with a goal to be the first choice for painting tools. This commitment is underlined by the belief that customer feedback, success stories, suggestions, and questions contribute to the company's continuous learning and improvement.

Personal Touch and Values: The individuals behind Speed Painting, Inc., including Richard, Dustin, and Chrystene, bring a personal touch to the business. Richard, the founder, though officially retired, remains actively involved, frequently working at the warehouse and engaging with painters and store managers to share insights about Door Deckers. Dustin, in addition to his role as CEO, enjoys spending time with family, participating in outdoor activities, and supporting youth programs like Scouting, BSA. Chrystene, the customer service specialist, is passionate about serving others through volunteering with Rotary International, and Scouting, BSA and outdoor activities.