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Hotels/ Motels

For Hotel/Motel owners and operators, painting doors can be expensive and time-consuming. With Door Deckers from Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools, the traditional method of painting one side of the door, one at a time, and waiting 2-3 days for drying time is a long-gone conclusion. Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools have created Door Deckers to help painters and contractors paint multiple doors, saving a lot of time, space and expense, allowing painters to be awarded jobs and contracts and that means money.

Door Deckers from Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools is a state-of-the-art tool made from strong metals. This innovative design allows you to stack doors when painting, saving you time and space. Drips, runs, and smudges are avoided from too much handling, and the stacking style creates a sizeable space between the doors for greater airflow and faster drying times increasing work and productivity. With the capability to stack multiple doors and paint both sides in one seamless process, you can complete the project and move on to the next one quickly.

In the hotel/motel industry appearance inside and out is important. A fresh-looking interior can keep customers coming back, so a good first impression is a must. And closing your business during a painting project can cost you a lot of revenue. With Door Deckers from Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools, the remodel or new construction paint job is the perfect tool. It’s the perfect commercial crew tool for painting.

Many hotel/motel business owners have to consider the impact a paint job will have on the staff and guests. The key is to minimize the intrusion as much as possible. Painting needs to be flexible with minimal disruption. By using the Door Decker tool from Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools, numerous doors can be painted at one time that will dry quicker and cleaner and out of the way for drying while business goes on as usual. 

When hiring contract painters, make sure they have found the Door Deckers from Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools. These tools are extremely easy to set up and manipulate. The process includes removing all the hardware from the door and repairing any chips, scratches, nicks, or spots. Setup is simple but it is recommended that two people are available when it is time to flip the doors.

The Finishing System includes two steel plates with handles on each attached with brass eyelets. Each plate is securely screwed into the center of either end of a door with a #8 x 1 1/4 inch Phillips wafer head screw (included with purchase) prior to paint or stain application. One pair used on each door is the best method for the average height/weighted door. Once the Door Deckers are attached, painting can begin. Spray one side and then with one person on each end of the door, flip the door and spray the opposite side. Then move the door to an out-of-the-way location for stacking and drying. Continue the process with each additional door. The interlocking system of the steel plates allows for the Door Deckers to balance against each other while stacked. This horizontal painting and drying process creates application finishes without runs or sags and stacked up and out of the way for drying - great for saving space on a job site.

To ensure the paint is built up between the steel plate and the door itself, the hotel/motel contractor or painter will need to use a knife or sharp edge to score around the edges of the Door Decker before removing the steel plates. This will remove the risk of tearing the paint around the edges of the door. When done, the Door Decker is easy to clean and store for future use. Because they are made out of solid and durable metals, they can be thrown in a bucket or box for easy transport and are super cost-effective because they can be used over and over again. 

Painting needs for hotels/motels can vary widely. Refresh the interior or a color change with the exterior can be accomplished with Door Deckers from Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools. They can be used with solid/hollow core, bi-fold, and hollow metal doors, as well as shutters and shelves. 

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